The Whale Coast, South Africa

Well, another day of rain.  But that didn’t stop us.

After a huge Easter Brunch, we hit the road, deciding to follow the coast east from Strand towards Hermanus (known for seeing whales swimming right up to the shores).  At the appropriate times, the rain stopped, the clouds lifted, and the sun came out.

A last-minute detour took us into Betty’s Bay, a tiny little village just off the highway, where we came across an African Penguin Reserve.  Hundreds of the wee creatures everywhere.  And obviously, it was mating season, with many of them paired off, courting and nesting.

Arrived in Hermanus for a late lunch.  After wandering the streets for a bit checking out the options, decided on a second story restaurant with a view of the bay only to discover that the “fryer” was kaput, thus negating half the items on the menu (most importantly – chips!).  So, we headed back to the first place we saw – a quaint little French Bistro – and it was fabulous.  Started out with Springbok Carpaccio, then I had grilled calamari….soooooo good!!

After lunch, wandered around the town for a bit, coming across a funky little store you’d expect to see on Commercial Drive, with everything from t-shirts to music.  After talking with the hippy owner for a while, it came up that he snuck out of the country in the 80’s to Zimbabwe to avoid the compulsory 2 year term in the army; his older brother was not so lucky, and he and many others were “never the same”.

We then meandered back to Stellenbosch, driving through the mountains, the scenery changing with every hilltop.  Even with the rain, it was spectacularly beautiful.

We ended the day with a moonlit walk on the golf course so the boys could try out their slingshots with a little golf-ball target practice.

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~ by betweenthelatitudes on April 28, 2012.

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