The air is thick…

In case you haven´t heard, there was a wee eruption in Iceland on Saturday.

Grimsvötn, a volcano on the Vatnajökull glacier (the largest icecap outside the poles), erupted, sending ash 20km into the air.  Apparently, it is 10 times worse than the last time it blew in 2004.

My timing has been quite unbelievable.  Friday night I stayed at a hostel with a view of the glacier (I had also gone snowmobiling on that same glacier), and headed south stopping in Skatafell National Park for lunch (also a part of said area).  No rumblings then.

Spent the night in the southeast town of Vik, and when I got up in the morning, it was sort of hazy…but the kind of thing you expect on the coast in the morning.  When I did a horseback riding tour at noon, the guide told me of the eruption.  But it sounded like a little burp to me, nothing major.

By the time I got to the ferry terminal to catch the ferry to Westmann Islands, a 30 minute ride, I could barely make out the outline of the island.  When i arrived at my accommodation, the desk clerk informed me that they had closed the road east and north from Vik.

Went on a bit of a tour of the island, and while standing at the southern tip taking pictures in Pirates Cove, I watched the ash cloud envelope the area.

Here are some pics for you:

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~ by betweenthelatitudes on May 23, 2011.

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