Sunbathing in Reykjavik

Yes, believe it or not, on my first two days upon arrival, I was actually basking in the sun….my freckles even popped!

It was a very long day getting here…I was up bright and early the morning of May 1, with the intention of hitting the road by no later than 10:00am to drive to Seattle for my 4:30 flight to Reykjavik.  (Decided on the driving option as to fly Vancouver to Seattle was going to be $450 plus a 6 hour layover on the return flight before there was a plane heading to Van!! )  Managed to hit the road by 10:30, and with my handy-dandy Nexus pass, sped through the border, parked my car at the long-term parking facility and was roaming the Seatac airport by 2:15.

The flight was long and uneventful – just what you want on a plane.  However, the only thing they served were beverages – not even a packet of cookies.  So, had to bring your own packed lunch.

Had some fabulous views along most of the flight pass up the Rockies, north of Edmonton and the northern end of Hudson’s Bay, across Greenland before the clouds set in.  So flying into Iceland was a real surprise as we didn’t see the ground until we were 300 meters above it.  First impression:  desolate and cold…it had snowed the day before!

Landed at 6:30am, May 2, local time ((by now about 11:30pm my time), and getting that first hit of Arctic air, I was momentarily awakened.  The airport is located about 40 minutes by bus from the city, so made my way in to town.

And after several hours of confusion and uncertainty upon arriving at the work-camp hostel (a long story), finally found a bed by 1:00 local time and crashed for a couple of hours.

Walked around the “downtown” (one main street about 6 short blocks long) when I found an outdoor cafe overlooking a plaza to have some dinner, and bask in the early evening sun.  (After the chilly start to the day, the sun came out and it was gorgeous!  By 11am was walking around in a sweater.)

And that was more-or-less my first very long day in Iceland.

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~ by betweenthelatitudes on May 8, 2011.

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