The Power of the Runes

I’ve wanted to go to Iceland for years.  And finally, the opportunity presented itself.

Several years ago, when I was researching volunteer holidays, I came across an organization that hosts all sorts of interesting projects around the world.  From the customary:  working with the street kids in Calcutta; helping marine turtles get to the ocean after they hatch in Colola, Mexico; rebuilding a mountain trail in Italy; restoring heritage sites on Kilimanjaro; teaching English – just about anywhere; and elephant conservation in Sumatra.

But they also host a lot of cultural programs:  helping the organizers of a rock concert in Belgium, or the Tour de France;  learning about Ayurvedic practices and yoga in Kerala, India; or about the Tibetan Culture in Dharamsala; learning the traditional handicrafts and arts of Turkey … and the list goes on.

So, while lying around, nursing my mouth after dental surgery in February, I revisited the site with the intent of finding a holiday for my birthday.  And that’s when I came across the many programs in Iceland.  The first one that caught my eye was a photographic workshop based in the villages of Eastern Iceland.  Perfect – right?!  Well, after giving it some thought, decided it might be just a little too remote to spend 2 weeks (some of the villages are as large as 500 inhabitants!), so looked at programs based out of Reykjavik…because by that point, my heart was definitely set on Iceland.  And that’s where I found…”The Power of the Runes”.

What the heck does that mean??  Well, in a nut shell, I’ll be learning about the myths and legends of Nordic and Viking culture and history, venturing out onto the lava fields of Snæfellsnes to collect stones (reportedly one of the seven greatest energy centres of the earth), and then transform them into sets of Runes and jewellery.  After making some things for ourselves, the rest are sold to raise money towards funding a project in Tierra Bomba (an island near the coast of Colombia).

Based in Reykjavik, we’ll be free to explore the area and the city in our free time and on weekends. Once the two-week volunteer stint is over, I’m renting a car to drive the  1500 km ring road that circles the country.

And that’s as much as I know at the moment.  Now, I just need to think about packing!

Because tomorrow morning, I drive to Seattle for my direct flight at 4:30pm…..


~ by betweenthelatitudes on April 30, 2011.

One Response to “The Power of the Runes”

  1. if you find any of my books that fell in the volcano while you are there, bring them back for me, mkay?


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