What am I doing here?

Well, I’m not too sure!  Up until a few days ago, the only thing I knew about blogging was the word.  As you know, I’m not exactly up to speed on my social networking skills and gadgets. My phone still flips and texting is done by repeatedly punching 1 of 10 keys!

But, in one week, I will be getting on a plane and embarking on yet another of my worldly adventures.  And rather than send out email-travelogues to everyone along the way, I decided I should “get with the times” and start blogging.  (I was inspired by my friend Linda’s wonderful chronicle of her adventures sailing  south on “The Curare”.)  Plus, setting up this blog has proven to be a great procrastination tool to avoid doing my taxes!

So what will you find here?  Well…while I’m away, the usual you’ve come to expect from me… updates, photos, random thoughts of what I’m seeing, doing, experiencing…

And once the trip is over?  Well, I do have a lot of travel photos and stories to share… 😉

So…come away with me…

Cheers – Gwenda


~ by betweenthelatitudes on April 24, 2011.

3 Responses to “What am I doing here?”

  1. look at it this way, the hard part is over. now that it is set up, it’s all story telling. can’t wait to see where your adventures lead…


  2. Iceleand…..rolling on ice and onwards into a hotspring…hmmm. I want pictures of you doing exactly that.

    As you usual, I’ll be watching with anticipation.

    Cheers from Hanoi, Mario


  3. yes we want to see lots of pictures


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